My Husband’s Respect for Me Changed Everything

I never made a decision growing up; it was like passing unnoticed through life, until, by God’s great mercy, I met Eric. More than forty years ago Eric came home from the Navy, noticed me and saw something worth loving, someone he chose to live with; I was (in my own mind) boring, depressed and going nowhere. Marrying him changed everything inside my head and heart. My soul revived with love and respect. Now I had the freedom to contemplate the mystery of being a woman. The severe evangelical upbringing I was in blinded me to the bondage. It led me to believe that submission is silence.

Now, more than forty years later, married to this man, I have freedom to think, freedom to decide, freedom to disagree. It slowly grew in my head, heart and soul by the influence of this man. Now with a continuing adventurous spirit I sense possibility even at the age of seventy-three.

I whispered in my husband’s ear just recently, “I am going to write a book about how your influence and respect has given me freedom. You have been my ‘freedommaker’.” He immediately responded, “Oh, no; don’t write about me until after I die.” But then, what if I die first: the book shall never be written.

Women can know that respect is their dessert because they are created in God’s own image. Every woman can know their power, that it emanates from inside. If they know Jesus Christ, their Creator they are set forward by the “fear of the LORD . . . the beginning of wisdom.”

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