Do you know your influence goes to the ends of the earth, or do you feel it does not get past the front door of your house?

Whether you are well known, or a comparative unknown, the essence of your power and influence is a gift. You are part of God’s design and purpose for all women

When we married I did not know this. My upbringing taught me self discipline and obedience. But it seemed like arrogance to think about me, to develop what I was interested in.

As we reared our three sons, I was happy as long as Eric and our boys were around. I was fulfilled and hopeful; they were my purpose. But I felt hopeless when I was home alone: when Eric was off to work, the boys to school, with yet another messy house, dishes to do, endless laundry (with a large washer and no dryer) and no vision beyond my condition. I was so sad I often lay down between tasks and tried to sleep.

My view of my life was to promote my husband and sons and to help them succeed. In this I succeeded. Our marriage thrived, my husband’s career flourished and all three sons became positive contributors to their world. Their marriages and children are happy.

But I missed the mark in my personal life; my vision was lopsided. Who was I? I thought my desires to express my interests were an expression of vanity.

Much later I realized that I had God given gifts that were MY responsibility to develop. I had opportunities on a personal level. But I did not “see” it. Thanks to God I didn’t go “mental”. Finally I took responsibility for my own misery and began a serious study of Scripture. What I discovered is that every woman has a counterpart power and role. There is within her the ability to be an influence for good. It will benefit her and her husband and household as well. Her influence for good may go to the ends of the earth.

Now, oh joy, I realize that the woman in the Old Testament, that famous Wise Woman in Proverbs 31, is the same woman as the Wise Woman in the New Testament. All around her influence encourages good things to happen. She develops her personality and gifts. Her world is big — as big as her desires and gifts will take her.

You, my friend, have gifts to polish and you are created to shine. You are created in the image of God. Long ago, Nathan (the prophet) said to David the King, “Go, do all that is in your heart; for the LORD is with you.” (II Samuel 7:3)

Has God gifted you! Has God put something in your heart? This is not arrogance. It is not self absorption. It is likely giftedness. Go and do all that is in your heart for God is with you.

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