Over coffee on the porch this morning my husband and I talked about Erin Casey’s comment on “Re-Understanding Submission . . . A Role Model”.

Eric comments:

Many are intimidated by this amazing woman in Proverbs 31: “she is perfect; she does so much, I can’t be like her. Look at my faults.” But let’s remember, she had faults too, maybe more than some. It takes us five minutes to complete the task of reading chapter 31 in Proverbs. What we read in five minutes took a lifetime for her to live.

We see the results of many stages of her life.

She had a childhood: observing and learning from her parents, siblings, family and community.

She was a teenager learning from friends (some not so good), learning about boys, and transitioning from a child to a young adult.

Later she had to figure out what to do as a new wife. Eventually, she realized he was not exactly the same man she thought she married and she had to make adjustments that affected how they regarded each other.

Some days she didn’t get the kids’ lunches ready in time and had to deliver them to the school.

It took a while (i.e. years) for her to realize and develop business and social opportunities. Her success in real estate probably came as much from her bad deals as from the good (“I’ll never do that again, the next time…”).

Maybe if she had Proverbs 31 to read she would have said, “She is so perfect, she does so much, and I can’t be like her: look at my faults.”

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  1. Hubby says:

    This is a TEST comment. 5-16-11

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