The gigantic “debate of the ages” between men and women about men and women stems from the Bible. It begins in Genesis and continues through to the end of the Bible. It will be at the center of personal success and personal failure to the end of time.

Queen Esther was the wife of the most powerful man in the world. But she was not intimidated by the absolute power of King Ahasureus. She was not hindered by her sex or race from acting boldly, even at a time when women were no more than the property of their husbands.

She entered the palace, his seat of power with a bold plan; failure to win his favor would mean her life. The lives of her people were at stake; she had a deadline to beat. Her initiative now could save a whole nation. This was a critical time in history.

Sometimes a wife submits to her husband by determining to fit into his life with boldness and integrity. Had the Queen remained silent or waited for his commands to her the king’s realm would have suffered. Without a proactive ally in his wife many in his kingdom would have died, much expertise, talent and skill would have been lost.

A good wife assists her husband toward his destiny by wise femaleness. Her ways are directed toward her marriage through her one-of-a-kind intuition and insight. She has the courage to warn him of dangers; she initiates good ideas. The submission that God desires is not slave like obedience, nor is it childlike. Slave like obedience infers complete subjection to a master. Children are not yet fully developed and are not a source of sound counsel.

Wives who walk with God are not at the mercy of any man, because “If God is for us, who can be against us.” (Ro 8:31)

Wives are not subject to their husbands as a slave or child. Married women are first and foremost accountable to their LORD God. She is the female. Males are not able to enter that world. A man, who dictates to his wife, will never know who she could have become, because she is hindered by the very one who is commanded to “nourish and cherish her as his own body”.

A wise, whole woman contributes fully her passionate perspective with boldness and respect all at once. A husband will never have the advantage of the singular, wise and counterpart views of his wife if she is intimidated by him. She will never become all she could otherwise have been if she is punished by her husband when she communicates openly and honestly,

A confident woman counsels and protects the one she has most in common with, her husband. How they prosper is by becoming “one flesh” in spirit, soul and body. She has most to gain or lose by how he grows and becomes successful…or not. Therefore, “Every wise woman builds her house…”

Read the book of Esther

Was Queen Esther submissive to King Ahasuerus?
What is the scope of submission?  Is it more than doing what you are told?

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