The emerging butterfly makes a mighty struggle. The entangling cocoon is confining, discouraging, mysterious. Will all this effort come to nothing? What will the reward be, if any?

Because some women have not known what God said to her in Scripture she sometimes accepted neglect, hurt and oppression as her lot. She accepts her cocoon. If she becomes Biblically smart she changes that. She will gain the wisdom and confidence to interject her point of view into her circumstances and marriage. She will emerge a butterfly.

Do you know that if you intervene and relieve the struggling butterfly from the cocoon it will be undeveloped and soon die? You may have been controlled and abused spiritually, emotionally and physically. But you can grow strong by the very struggle that threatens to hold you down. Grow wise and strong, know what you believe as you test what you think is true from the Scriptures. Go ahead, pray boldly: “Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart.” (Psa 26:2)

The Biblically wise woman earns her father or husband’s respect by respecting herself. She ponders her words, angry perhaps, but “keeping her seat,” staying in control, never deriding or belittling his position as Head. (Eph 4:26) She knows she is privileged because of who God says she is. As a unique person created by God, as a daughter, or as counterpart to her husband, she will gain the courage to express what she believes and speak up, “…speaking the truth in love…” (Eph 4:15)

Scrambling out of a “cocoon” takes vision, courage, and patience. You are going to emerge a very different personality: strong, smart, respectful, confident. Arm yourself for your journey with faith. It will bring hope even in the darkest of times. God is right and good and honors you, a woman, a daughter, a wife. Don’t allow the culture to trap you in its “sameness” mold. You are created for uniqueness; look inside for it. This journey is an adventure, and you don’t know the ending…but Jesus does.

Growing, struggling, trying and failing? Pick yourself up again and again. Go, do, become. Take chances. Find your reason for being; discover your gifts, search for wisdom: your life will blossom. You will become a butterfly.

The struggle out of the cocoon will be worth it.

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