You must understand your innate significance and personal power — the fact that women are counterpart to men. Add a female to any dynamic and everything changes. If she is good, everything changes for the better; if she is silly and self-centered, her influence might be powerful enough to tear and scatter goodness apart.

Every woman is unique from all others. She is capable of creativity and charm in her own right. Women often do not recognize their power and influence, so they grasp for recognition. They try to please others sometimes saying what they think others want to hear. They do not know that the courage to speak their minds is often what pleases. She has the opportunity to add a new perspective no one else thought about.

Look inside, ask yourself, who am I? What are my gifts, my temperament, what comes naturally? What are my weaknesses? What opportunities are before me? If you educate yourself about yourself, you are taking long steps toward success. With the right information and some encouragement from those who love you, you grow like a beautiful plant. With the right amount of shade, sun, good potting soil, and enough water it flowers. If you somehow understand the possibility and promise born in you, this can be the beginning of a very successful life.

Ask: “At the end of this entire struggle, when life comes to the end and I stand before God, will I have taken the chances? Will I have tried very hard (though failure stalks) to be all I can be?”

Who are you? Do you know?

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