Since it is absolutely true that no person can come between you and God; since it is true that you answer directly to God for who you are; then my hope for you is that you go for the long haul.

Believe God, believe in yourself. You can believe in yourself because you are created in His image!  Equipped with this belief, determine to go the distance in a life of walking with God.  It takes just simple obedience in what you read in the Bible and then put into your daily practice.

I also suggest that you don’t even have to understand completely what you are putting into practice  . . .  just practice what you think you understand.  God is able to make all grace abound (the Greek word means “super abound”) toward you  . . .”  His graciousness is a divine influence on your heart and it reflects in your life!  That is:  having access to the very power of God.  Your head and heart and divinely influenced when His grace abounds toward you.

Now, I think it is possible that you could be miffed at the last Blog entry. I exhorted you to be aware of whether your husband is proud of you, to be aware of your influence on him and, as a result, on others. I still believe it is an important consideration.  It’s a task; it’s sometimes very hard to do.  All of us have improvements to make.

But most of all, I work on my spirit, soul and body  . . .  for me!  I live inside; I go where ever I go; it is my expression, my personality, my spiritual growth, my developed (or undeveloped) soul and persona that I live with.  And do you know:  it is my face and hair and body that the world sees first.

So, cancer and all, I am trying to continue the course I began when I married Eric thirty-nine years ago.  I am intensely interested in improving me!

If I can just be the person with the character, faith and love that my course is geared toward, then others will not feel demeaned in my presence. Others instead will be encouraged, affirmed, and challenged to go, do and become all that God has in store for them.

Don’t miss it!  It is for you first and foremost!  Do it for you!

God go with us!

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