Created To Make the Difference

As a female, you are created to make the difference in your world, in your marriage. God determined at Creation “It is not good that the man should be alone”. You are the divine solution, not an afterthought.

God didn’t create Eve to be Adam’s handmaiden but rather his partner. Stepping into your God ordained role will take courage, more than you think you possess sometimes. Your feminine savvy is vital, different from a man, coming from a perspective that is softer, more compassionate.

Don’t let him down; your marriage is balanced by it. Go ahead, take chances—calculated risks. Think about your motivations for each decision. Think about their consequences.

Understand that you are vital. What you think about and carry out in your marriage can become the greatest accomplishment in your life.

Move forward.

Life can be an adventure. Do you agree?  . . . .

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