Have you come across her? She pursues (and not so subtly) every man who comes into view. My husband is over sixty; yet there have been a few women who touch him too often. He complains about them, too. He knows. They move in front of him and dominate his view.

But good — and evil — women crave a man. The reason? It is innate to crave having a man who will love and protect. It is more than just a craving, it is a need. It began in the Garden of Eden.

It began with Eve after their rebellion. “Unto the woman he said … thy desire shall be to thy husband ….” (Genesis 3:16) A woman wants to get married because she craves to “have a man”. A shallow woman, if she “gets him”, will revert to the female she was all along: a self centered it’s-all-about-me woman. Only now, she is a married one who doesn’t understand how serious, holy and powerful marriage can be.

All of us are potentially self-centered bitches. But we can grow and change as long as we are vertical and out heart is beating. We can grow wise inwardly. The Bible teaches us to focus: “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.”

If you will win a good man you must be good.

A good candidate for marriage will decide to submit to the huge commitment of learning how to be a wife of vision, how to submit to the hopeful destiny of your “head” and help him reach it. Submission is dedicating yourself to the man, giving your best self, your best counsel and unselfish dedication. It is a future together, a household you build until death parts you. No longer is it all about you – it’s about the success of a family, your family.

Marry a good man and he is also deciding to submit himself to you, your personality, gifts and future. Together it is the two of you becoming one, until death parts you.

If you are already married, take up this life changing challenge to create a great marriage — not a good one — a great one! We all make many mistakes; learn from them and change. Realize there are many women who would give anything to have what you have: the chance to build a relationship with your man. Yes, I mean your man. So, beware of the intruder.

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  1. Hi Liz,
    Don’t know if you remember me, it has been years. I am Ray and Kaye Bolt’s daughter, all grown up and a mommy of 2 now.
    Love your blog and this post in particular. Hope all is well in your life.
    IN HIM,

  2. Lizzie says:

    Yes, Tammy. Very good to hear you are in the challenging world of being a mommy.
    I remember beautiful daughters in the Bolt family who were also athletes. Is this you?

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