It’s up to you. Become the woman you want to be. Will you express who you are, use the innate gifts that make you different, unique? Or will you live a lifetime doubting your specialness.

I encourage you, ponder who you are, determine your priorities and move ahead.

With courage take the freedom you have. Who can stop you from thinking, creating, dreaming, planning and praying? Don’t be reluctant; you may “fail all the way to success” as you move forward. Your inborn gifts will surface, stare you in the face and say, “Here I am, ready to go!” Experience it and you will never go back. You will never be the person you used to be!

Personally, I’m getting ready to bring to the surface things I love to do, express and communicate. Sure, I’m a senior, but I’m vertical, healthy and have experience. I’m pondering and planning it, just as you can do . . .

In the Proverbs you are encouraged to move ahead: “Ponder (mentally consider) the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established (prepare and apply).” (Proverbs 4:26)

You never have to stop becoming the woman you want to be! I tend to be fearful, embarrassed, so I ponder and take the next step . . .

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