Dear Reader:
Respectfully, I want to add to the critical issues we are discussing every day . . . We are Christians, Christ followers, first. We will be powerful influencers if we focus on this!

Consider these: What is Christian about abortion? What is Christian about the war on women (encouraging abortion, dangerous restroom policies)? What is Christian about inciting violence (“Kill the police,” exhorts Al Sharpton)? . What is Christian about silence when our Christian history is intentionally buried?

How do we remain silent when the Ten Commandments are broken up, figuratively and literally?

When and how are families encouraged to be strong? How are the poor in a better position? How are our inner cities improved, peaceful? Where is the assistance to the less fortunate of us? Where is incentive to education, to finding their gifts, to work hard to improve themselves and the culture?

I am extremely sad at the history of slavery in our Country. It was evil! It was cruel, hateful to our neighbor who is “created in God’s own image” as every other person. I am sure that the gospel of Jesus carries the only answer. Hard as it is to decide to do: forgiveness and learning to love our neighbor as ourselves are our hope.

The power, the intellect and gifts of minorities are, at least, given freedom by law finally . . . But I ask, “How have the powerful in Washington and the State governments helped them to succeed? Where is the pathway and encouragement for every person to develop?”

Abortion, violence, murder, stealing, hopelessness happens too frequently in what we see around us.

When we are Christian through and through we should listen carefully to those people we know are wise and who tell the truth.

I follow a couple of people whom you might agree are trustworthy: Franklin Graham News, Mike Huckabee, Sean Hannity News.

. . . Here is what I read this morning in Jeremiah 38, 39, 40: Jeremiah the Prophet told King Zedekiah the truth, but Zedekiah would not listen; He deliberately disobeyed the LORD. As a result Jerusalem was destroyed, his sons were killed before his eyes and his eyes were put out . . . then he was carried as a prisoner to Babylon. It didn’t have to happen. He could have saved a lot of lives

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