We were “gym rats”. We were there two or three times a week for aerobics and strength training. I was intimidated by the elite athletes, finding myself afraid to take up space on a machine or in the weight room. My husband easily took his space and told me, “You have paid your dues, you belong here. Go and assume your position on the floor.” I did it, I assumed my place. I began to forget who was around me and began to grow in muscle strength, inner strength and confidence.

The world longs for the stunning demonstration of a courageous, wise woman. Consider Esther who became queen to Ahasuerus, monarch of the whole known world. Read in the book of Esther how she took her life in her hands. Before the most powerful men on earth she devised and carried out a plan. She courageously assumed her position and prevented the annihilation of her people.

Women don’t comprehend their power, their potential and the crying need for a life lived boldly as a female in the image of God. You are born to it! You are the personification of success in this one life you now live: embrace being who you are. You are part of God’s plan from the beginning of time. Enjoy the process of growing and becoming all you are created to be. Assume your position.

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