“…for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.” (Isaiah 60:1)

You have inborn power: you are a creation of God. No creation in the image of God is powerless. But at times we think we are. Thinking you are incapable, powerless, unsuitable turns out just the same because you wrongly think that there is no reason to search your soul, discover abilities or hope in your ideas that they are indeed inspiration.

When the future looks dark, allow the glory of the LORD to rise up upon you.

Too many women in history have lived a sad story. There have been cultures, powerful, controlling men, religions and customs that used and abused their position to intimidate and discourage countless women down through the centuries. Powerless because they were smaller, weaker and ignorant of the truth about themselves, they lived and died never knowing their significance, or how to be whole.

Century after century . . .

As a new respect for the rights of women came into law represented by the right to vote, equal pay for equal work, and so forth; godless ideologies also showed up estranging women from God, wives from their husbands. Some women, while angry for good reason, went along with the latest philosophy replacing emotion for logic.

But if you know and can appreciate and cherish the inborn power of your mind and soul, your female persona with spirit, soul and body — created individually to be above the rest of creation, above the animals, fowl, fish of the sea and a little lower than the angels — your mind and soul and personality begin to be engaged. “You made him (mankind) a little lower than the angels, You crowned him with glory and honor, and did set him over the works of Your hands.” (Psalm 8:5; Hebrews 2:7)

Your job is to question their results. Do their teachings antagonize male and female relationship? Do they question the integrity of all men? Some despise their own husbands and teach others to do the same. They may pretend to be on the side of women, but their agenda is just another way to walk away from happiness. It is a mistaken path that brings extreme sadness. Most women desire the love and protection of a man; there is nothing in godless ideologies to teach how that can happen.

Recognize that precious, almost magical, power inside yourself: a creative female. Value yourself as a spirit, soul and body in the image of God. At the same moment, love and appreciate your husband too. As a result live a useful, fulfilling life.

The philosophy you live by will create or destroy your happiness. Is it well thought out? Who are you inside? Arise with faith . . . shine.

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