If you are reading this blog you may be a member of our tribe. “Tribe” is a handy term to describe a group of people affiliated by a certain purpose or cause. The use of this word has been made popular by Seth Goden. “Tribe,” as used this way, adds another meaning beside our usual notion of “people-tribe-clan-family-individual”. We are a “tribe” because we stand for the same thing, the same goals. Are you a member? The list below shows who I think we are. Do you agree?
• Believe the Bible means what it says.
• Are willing to stand against the situations where the Bible is misapplied.
• Encourage our sisters and brothers in the ways of the Lord.
• Prepare for and build strong marriages of complementing, cooperative, caring partners (CCC).
• Inform women (and men) how to avoid oppressive environments.
• Encourage women (and men) to work to heal environments which are, or may become, oppressive.
• Educate, empower and embolden women (and men) to surmount oppressive environments.
• Encourage sisters and brothers to be fully what God has created them to be.

Do these describe our tribe? What would you wish to see added to this list? What eliminated? Is there better wording or change in direction any of the above elements should take?

What Do You think?
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