Any woman who thinks for herself, who offers her own passionate perspective with respect, will earn respect. A woman who knows what she thinks will be more deeply loved. A woman who is passive may in the end be overlooked, taken for granted. It is the privilege of every human being to be opinionated, passionate, to have conviction and to offer it appropriately.

Every person, every woman on the planet has been given life. You have a place to fill: assume it!

On the other hand a totally independent woman may come home to a dark, cold house. For her there is no accountability, no checks and balances. Her safety net is missing, because she will have no one to question her decisions. Because there will be no balance to her thinking she may tend toward imbalance. There will not be a best friend, like a husband, who cares so much that he hinders and questions stupidity, protects from predators, stands up to those who take advantage or harm in some way.

Men are protectors. Good men have good counsel. Lovers are fiercely loyal.

You can be balanced as a married woman, so that you are respected  – – loved more – – because you have passion. You are designated as a counterpart perspective to your man and yet still protected by him.

“Male and female created He them” (Genesis). You are unique as a woman to think that way. It will take thoughtful consideration: just who God made you to be.





A married man and woman are mysteriously “one flesh” yet still individuals. Women have characteristics men lack, and by being secure in them influence their husbands in ways men need to be influenced. Good wives inspire men to be better, they lift the standards of civility, culture and loving interaction: simply because God made women with these innate strengths and traits.

Women care deeply about the feelings and hurts of others, women have compassion, softness, spiritual sensitivities and intuition. Men are (or should be) in awe of these. Wives tend to be loyal and protective of their husbands and their household. They care about ambiance, beauty, cleanliness, lampshades, paint and pillows. Men learn to care about these things more acutely because of their wives’ influence. She takes the lead in them; the domicile is a reflection of her female style . . . if she is given the go-ahead.

Women are not reactionary, or should not be. They should initiate feminine perspective, wisdom and gifts. They should bring female creativity, womanly characteristics into the mix of their lives and marriage. First and foremost vision, meaning “a clear picture in her mind”, will come from God, because she is made by him a female. Psalm 68:18

This is just the beginning: to balance her husband add to this her loyal counsel, encouragement, comfort, wisdom and female perspective. Her individuality and gifts, her strengths and quirks enrich her husband.

The loyal and powerful friendship of wives (sometimes even when men are bad) tells a story of her innate submission to him . . . she is not a mindless child or slave, but a thinking, cerebral, innately wise female in the image of God . . . thinking independently, yet on his side.

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