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Lizzie 8-27-16


Dan Miller, Author:
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In Submission is Not Silence, Elisabeth Julin shares clear biblical insights for being as intentional about success in your marriage as you would expect to be in business. With her graceful and engaging writing style, Elisabeth shares her own walk to feminine wholeness and presents a compelling fresh look at scripture that calls women everywhere to be fully what God desires them to be.

Joanne Chantelau, author
Not only is Elisabeth Julin’s important and biblically sound message in Submission is Not Silence significant for married women, it is relevant and uplifting for single women. An understanding of God’s different purposes and roles for men and women as Julin has clearly explained them is vital for women seeking healthy attitudes toward men and friendships with them long before a husband comes into the picture. In a society where gender roles are reversed and marriage is misunderstood, Submission is Not Silence reminds women of the true gift, privilege and exciting adventure it is to be the partners of men.

Kathleen said:

I’ve picked up your book again and find it to be so well written and balanced. I appreciate that you took the time and put forth the energy and thought to write it and then have offered it to others… to me! I find it very encouraging and thought provoking.

Joella Schmidt said:

Elisabeth’s book Submission is NOT Silence provides a unique, balanced and Biblical perspective on submission and should be read by every girl as she begins to date and every married woman who desires a solid, respectful, and Christ-like marriage. Other writers and speakers either ignore the mandate and throw off all constraints or flat out call the woman to submit to her husband, almost without question, because he is the “head,” even when there is abuse (emotional, spiritual, or even physical). I (and many of my friends) have struggled with this accepting this view of submission – which ignores other verses about mutual submission, growing to become one, and the “head” and “body” working together.

Finally a book written from experience that addresses the dilemma. Married for 38 yrs (no small task these days) and having raised 3 sons, Elisabeth grew up in a Christian home with the mindset that women should live in quiet submission (aka: doormats, no rights, no opinions, and no voice of their own). She began her own marriage with that perspective for the first 14 years. It’s her story of being set free: the transformation into a butterfly who learns to fly again with the new mindset that women are to use their gifts, regain affirmation about their significance/worth, and speak up about situations that are bothersome in their marriage. This, coupled with husbands learning to listen, respect and respond with the goal of both conforming into “Christ-likeness,” “like-mindedness,” and “becoming one,” makes steps towards a mutually satisfying marriage where the couple rules together (Gen 1:26) and not over each other. The book is superb, especially for those who have been raised in a patriarchal home, and need cleansing from the ideas that come more from man than from Scripture.

Elisabeth Julin writes with, “a quiet and gentle spirit.” Throughout the book, her tone is one of gentleness and quietness, never harsh or condemning. She describes her marriage as “living the quiet life” with her husband as “one.” She encourages wives to speak up and speak out “the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15)as God affirms that you should. Out of all the books written about marital submission, this book has inspired me because of it’s easy reading style, it’s clear scriptural exposition, and it’s principals of truth/grace so evenly mixed.

Hope this review inspires you to get the book and find your own freedom and marital “oneness” that is impossible to find with current entrenched paradigm of gender roles and submission.

Virginia Knowles, in the Come, Weary Moms blog, has posted a review of Submission Is Not Silence that provides an accurate description of the book and Lizzie’s back story. Here is a link to the Come Weary Mom’s article.

Charlotte/Jacksonville said: “It is encouraging. Every woman needs Submission Is Not Silence. It is a manual for women.”

Paul/St. Augustine said: “Submission Is Not Silence is the new paradigm. It frees women as much as slaves were freed one hundred years ago. Men should buy it; husbands and wives can work it out together.”

Deborah Mae Brine provides her opinion of the book in a review.

From Virginia’s Blog
[She provides a very good description of the book]
Submission Is Not Silence by Lizzie Julin. While she was growing up, Lizzie’s family traveled all over the country since her father, Arnold Pent, was an evangelist who wanted to encourage others to read the Bible more. Their story is chronicled in the book Ten P’s in a Pod. Lizzie writes from the perspective that Christian wives do not need to “sit down and shut up” — in fact, she says they are doing a disservice to their husbands if they don’t speak up! She wants to equip women to bless their husbands by offering their full God-given gifts, not by squelching their unique personalities.

Longwood, Florida
I have started reading your book and love it! You not only have a clear, Bible-based message, but also a delightful writing style. So easy to stay with you. I appreciate two things in particular right now, one: your examples from your own life, and two: the honor you give Eric, your parents and your sisters for what they did give you over what they did not.

Orlando, FL
I want to thank you for your wonderful gift of your book…. I immediately read it and am convinced God led you to write it. Thank you for your very honest sharing your wise insight based on your life long schooling in Scripture as well as your gentle nudging for us to be all God intended as women. You have the gift of encouragement [and] exhortation too.

Henry Matlock
Daily Deposits for the Soul
It never was God’s intent for women to be subjected to a second class level of citizenship or to endure any measure of social oppression. Submission Is Not Silence brings this point to light and explains the role of women as outlined in the Bible. Lizzie Julin’s message to women is both liberating and life-affirming, and will be of great benefit to every woman who has struggled with the matter of submission. Further, some myopic men may experience the figurative scales falling from their eyes as a result of having read the book, as their significant others challenge and encourage them to reconcile faulty, tradition-based thinking to the truth of God’s Word.

Windermere, FL
Submission is Not Silence was informative to me, especially the beautiful examples how wives are to reflect the essence of the Holy Spirit. Memories and imagination were lit up: the book soared! The author’s well rounded Biblical knowledge, respect for the proper application of the Word, and kind approach to this subject, which can be alarming to some but comforting to the Christian women who have been hammered with it, are beautifully done. The fact that the author has lived out the application of all these things, and has seen change and success, is a powerful confirmation of these concepts.

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Where I’m FromI grew up in an amazing family of ten. My visionary father, and my mother who cooperated with his unusual determination, led us to the lower forty-eight States, six Provinces in Canada and a bit in Mexico. We traveled because encouraging families to read the Bible together was the vision of my father.The faith of my parents instilled in me an unswerving belief that God wrote the Bible to us as individuals. We read the Bible consistently, even while traveling, staying in motels and homes in forty-eight states. By the time I was in my twenties, I had heard and read the Bible through from cover to cover more than 100 times. As a result, I knew books of the Bible by memory, as did my seven siblings.

Eric and Lizzie

Eric and Lizzie

When I married Eric, the man I dreamed would come along all through those travels, my disciplined upbringing and silent submission as a daughter, carried into our new marriage. I thought I was a perfect wife, until our marriage grew sad, our interaction frustrated. I began to realize I was losing my husband’s respect.His University training and traveling in the Navy gave him no clue to where I was coming from. His understanding of a whole woman was more complete than mine. The alarming realization that I was doing something wrong began to dawn on me: I began a serious study of Scripture to find out God’s view of who I was, what my life should look like. Through the study I realized that submission is not silence. I was responsible to bring my viewpoint and opinion to the marriage. The marriage is a cooperative effort that demanded my active creativity and not a “go-along- get-along-not-particularly-helpful” attitude.

I simply want to point you in the direction of the Bible. My authority is its message comparing one Scripture with another, from beginning to end. A “bride adorned for her husband” begins with Eve and her purpose in Genesis; her significance only completed in the last book, The Book of Revelation.

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