The strength of a women is her influence.  A wise woman is powerful as an army.

On the gym floor I understood the power of men. My husband, Eric, easily lifted twice the weight, though I worked hard as he did. Then, studying aerobics and weight lifting, I learned that men have twice the muscle mass by normal body weight.

But a woman is potentially as powerful as an army . . . and even more effective if she is a wise woman. A wise woman in the days of King David saved her city, Abel, from destruction by her cleverness and wisdom.  (See  2 Samuel 20:15-22)

Sheba, a strong man and evil, led a rebellion against King David.  Unsuccessful,  Sheba fled to Abel.  David’s general Joab “cast up a bank” and besieged the city. The soldiers battered the wall to throw it down.

As they were beating the wall a wise woman cried aloud to the army and asked to speak with Joab. “You seek to destroy a city and a mother in Israel.”  She asked why was he demolishing an innocent city?  “Far be it from me,” he replied  . . .  all he wanted was Sheba. Then she went to the people in her wisdom and together they cut off Sheba’s head and threw it over the wall to Joab.

Does not wisdom cry? And understanding put forth her voice? (Pro 8:1)

A king, a head of state is powerful with an army for defense or aggression. He can carry out his intent, if he is strong enough. But wisdom needs only the power of wisdom itself, and a voice to speak it.

She saved her city from being destroyed. This wise woman is not named but her wisdom stopped a whole army. She saved the city and many lives…and set the standard for you and me. Let her represent you: be courageous, be wise and speak up.

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