Have you seen women who improve as they age: they are more confident, with more wisdom and grace, more loving, and even look better than they did at twenty? She just may have a Protector standing behind her.

You carry creative genius inside you that may flourish better, more prolifically when a Protector (your husband or maybe your father) is “on board”. Like the wise woman in Proverbs whether you work totally within your domicile or also in the marketplace, a protector is respectful of your freedom to create, free expression of what you think, and to grow as an individual. (Proverbs 31:14) He may be able to encourage you out of timidity, help you chase away that fear of failure, help you grow in confidence or help you “think it through”. He is there, strong and capable, with a counterpart perspective. He is able to “chase” intruders away with one frown of disapproval.

“Well,” you say, “Where do I begin? My husband will not support me.” You begin by stepping up behind him, putting your arms around his chest and telling him just who he is: “You are my Protector.” Then begin every day to pray for your husband and for yourself and how to express who you are.

Think of the woman you want to be. She is expressing who she is. She determines her priorities, she thinks ahead. She has the freedom to try and fail—and like Abraham Lincoln, fail all the way to success. At some point, everyone who tries enough, diligently enough develops innate gifts and learns to express them.

It is more than satisfying to grow, to get to know who you are, to boldly express your ideas, to grow in character, charm and beauty. It is a deserved privilege; you are created in the image of God.

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