It is supernatural, isn’t it? We’re down here, God is in heaven, but walking with God is still possible. Enoch did, near the beginning of history, “Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” (Gen 5:24). He ceased to exist here on earth; he was taken to the presence of God. He pleased God. It’s not likely something so stupendous will happen to you or me, but you can count on your experience with God being just yours and His.

Little Ava died at five, leaving a brokenhearted mother, father and brother. Her short life impacted people all over the world…she touched me deeply and I never knew her. But I heard that she was brave and loving and good. I heard that at five years old she loved Jesus and abundantly displayed that love. She walked with God and she touched people deeply.

We can touch people too, and most of us have more time to do it than Ava.

John C. Maxwell a leadership expert wrote in an article, Success or Significance, “With success, my influence is limited, with significance, my influence is unlimited.” He added, “When you help others, you help yourself. When you help yourself, you may not help others.” He reasoned that when some die, there is no sign that they ever existed as they only helped themselves. But we can help others. We can add value to others and continue to influence beyond their lifetime.

We may not understand what God is doing, but we can seek Him. He promised that when we search for Him, He will show up… “I will be found of you, says the LORD…” Your Lord has pursued you by loving you, dying on the cross and rising from the dead. As King of Kings He maneuvers to draw you near to Him. The message of Scripture pursues you. Now it is your turn: respond. Seek Him with all your heart. He will be found of you. (Jer 29:13,14)

I do not claim to be always right about the female role according to the Bible; I do claim to try hard.

Without a doubt God is pursuing you and me. It is without doubt as well, that you have the possibility of a supernatural life here on the earth, unique, like Enoch’s. Receive Jesus Christ into your life and the Holy Spirit will dwell inside you. That reality is the underpinning of this pursuit of the role of females as planned by God. The supernatural part is: “Christ in you the hope of glory…” (Col 1:25) He gives you purpose, the power to add value to others. He is the point!

More than once when searching for “femaleness,” in Scripture I have literally fallen on my face and told God, “I cannot do this. I am not wise enough, gifted enough.” Desperately overwhelmed one day I took the whole manuscript to the backyard burn pile and left it there on smoking embers. My husband found it and saved it. Where did he come from right then? I sheepishly took the big white folder with years of notes from him. Though I was not feeling good enough or wise enough to write something so vital I would write just the next sentence.

Now I realize that it is not about me. The Holy Spirit gives the motivation, the gifts and jobs to do. I write what I think is true and pass it along. Walk with God; what he does through you will be unique.

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