I have not been busy with the Blog because my brother-in-law Stan, Eric’s brother, just died. He lived a life of submission, submitting himself to his wife and children.

Here I often refer to oppressive men and oppressive organizations that misuse the concept of submission to hold under and rule their wives, daughters, co-workers and congregants.

But good men, as Stan, do not oppress in this way. They do not care so much for the position of Leader (and how people should appreciate their leadership) as they do for the quality of their leadership. In an odd way, they lead by submitting.

Good men express this positive way of submitting. They get up every day, put on their pants, and go out the door to support their families. Most of what they earn feeds, clothes, and enriches other people: his wife, daughters, sons and sometimes his grandchildren. These men care for the direction of their family and its moral climate. They accept some things and refuse others as they worry and agonize about what’s best. They look for the well-being of each family member. Sometimes their decisions are not popular. They do this year upon year, complaining little and remaining faithful.

You rarely hear about it; it’s submission in silence.

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  1. Tonya says:

    Well said. I’ve been pondering over a lot that was said at his memorial service. Just heartwarming…

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