“All of our lives all of us need healing of some kind . . .;” this was a profound message that began to resonate at Church one Sunday morning a few weeks ago. I didn’t realize it but it has been true for me.

After our three sons left home and were on their way, breast cancer hit. My husband, Eric, and I had just left town, on the way to an exciting new adventure. The call from the doctor’s office came on my cell, “The doctor wants you to come into the office now, today.” We drove ten miles down the Turnpike to the next Exit . . . and my dreams died right there.

During those months of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and physical therapy, very slowly God showed me that I was very needy. Sort of an overhaul through all of me in my spirit, soul and body was taking its toll; it needed to be. Healing for me meant that I desperately needed to make closeness with Jesus a priority.

The message I hung onto was in St. John, “I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you . . .” and I clung to it. The Book of John, chapters 14 through 17. And there was more! “Abide in Me.” I had been busy, busy; self motivated and trying to be right and do right: to be the best wife, the best mother and develop my gifts.

But sitting around waiting to heal, to get past cancer, weakness was an enemy. Pain was an enemy. Empty of any ideas or vision my continuous thought was “What does God want me to do? My friend came over, played her guitar and sang; but my heart felt numb.

Then my sister in law sent me a short, little book “Secrets of the Vine.” The branch connected to the vine grows vibrant, it bears fruit. What I needed more than I realized before breast cancer, now finally came clear during the down time. I should grow as a healthy branch securely connected to the Vine. Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches . . . ;” “Abide in Me.”

I did not need to do more for Him. I needed to be more with Him. Bruce Wilkerson’s message sank in very slowly. I read through the Book of John, and stayed there for a long time. I was learning in a new way to abide in Him.

Now, with new purpose, my life is renewed, physically, spiritually and to the depths of my soul. Today, I rode my bike with the same friend who had come to sing to me; we rode about twenty-two miles, had coffee and talked about all these things.

I recommend to you: abide in Jesus. Stay there and concentrate as long as it takes. Be with Him more. The fruit you deeply desire, the useful life you crave does not come because of more sweat and tears. Fruit is the result of abiding in Him. Try less in your strength, be with Him more; He will work in you and through you. Finally the glory will go to Him!

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