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I have often heard of the word “covering” used in Christian teaching. Its use is to describe a father or husband as a protector of his wife and children. The word “umbrella” is also used. I’ve heard people say a man is a “covering or umbrella” to his wife, daughter, sister, … Sadly some of these teachings seem to bridge over to the topic of submission—submission in the sense of unquestioning obedience.

I agree that men should protect the women for whom they are responsible. I think it is right and honorable for a man to be the protector, covering—umbrella. But some men get it wrong and turn the umbrella upside down.

By the way, I can’t really see the connection of “covering” to “protection” in the Bible. Is this because I read the King James? A couple scriptures that come somewhat close are Genesis 20:16 and Isiah 30:1, but the contexts are uncomfortable. Can anyone tell me where the connection between “covering” and “protection” is? If you can’t find that, you certainly can’t find a connection to “umbrella”.

upside down umbrella

How some men conceive of the "umbrella of protection"


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  1. Tonya says:

    Ruth 3:9 (protection of a woman) refers to this but you’d have to research the Jewish culture to understand it even here since it’s not perfectly clear from just reading the verse.
    Also I Kings 8:6-7 (protection of the Ark)

    • admin says:

      Ruth 3:9 says: “And he said, Who art thou? And she answered, I am Ruth thine handmaid: spread therefore thy skirt over thine handmaid; for thou art a near kinsman.” Although the word “covering” is not used here it is obvious that the spreading of the skirt (the covering) is a symbolic act representing the man (Boaz) extending his protection over the woman.

      I like Boaz. He was a kind and generous man who did what was right and cared for his own. Many people were blessed by Boaz.

      What days those were for women to live; they were totally dependent on how their men chose to treat them. If you were female and lived in Boaz’ house you were well off. But there were those other types of men who thought of women as slaves, sex objects and something to make jokes about. The Boaz types, the other types, and types in between are alive and well these days too. But these days, in this country, women have more freedom than they used to.

      When I read verses like in 1 Kings 8:6-7, where the wings of the cherubims cover the ark, I don’t carry the meaning across to the way a man should protect or shield his family. There are many similar such verses. I suppose a case could be made for transferring the meaning, but I don’t see how to make it. How do you see the connection?

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